Metro Minute

League MVP, Justin Busekrus, Leads American Team to All-Star Game Victory

By: Sophie Ozier

During the first two innings of the Metro Collegiate All-Star Game, Justin Busekrus showed everyone why he was named Most Valuable Player for the 2015 season.

Busekrus (Trojans) got things started for the Metro Collegiate American team, hitting a hard liner up the middle for a base hit. He was later moved into scoring position on a single from Matt Brown (Bandits) and both came around to score on a double from second baseman Dan Mannion (Bandits).

The score remained 2-0 in the American Team’s favor until Busekrus came up again in the second inning. With two runners on and two outs, Busekrus sent a pitch high over the centerfield wall, extending the teams lead to 5-0.

Busekrus finished the game 2-3 with 3 RBIs. This season he led the league with 30 RBIs, a .463 batting average and was tied for second in the league with five homers.

After exiting the game in the fourth, Busekrus was honored for his MVP selection by receiving a special Stan “The Man” Musial pin, sponsored and designed by world renowned sculptor Don Wiegand and his Wiegand Foundation. The pin was presented by Baseball Commissioner, Bob Totterer, League President, Marty Stein and Brian Schwarze. Schwarze is a former Metro Collegiate League and professional player, but also the grandson of Stan Musial.

Schwarze remembered when his grandfather used to come and watch him play during his time with the Metro League and how much both of them enjoyed that time together. “To say my grandfather loved this game would be an understatement,” said Schwarze.

“It was awesome. I was really thankful and blessed to be given an award and honored during the game.” said Busekrus.   “Mr. Musial was the epitome of a ball player and sportsman and to be awarded this special pin with his likeness is something I’ll always treasure.”

The Center fielder has not only wowed spectators this season with his power, but also with his distinctive batting stance. “This summer I’ve had a bunch of people come up and ask me about my stance and I really don’t have an answer for it.”

When Busekrus steps into the box, his back elbow is tucked tightly against his ribs with a stance so wide his shoulders are level with the umpire’s mask. “I‘ve always been a guy that doesn’t stride with my front leg” said Busekrus. “But it’s just all about comfort. I know it looks different and it’s unique, but it’s comfortable for me.”

The American Team eventually went on to win the game 10-2 in front of an absolutely packed house at this 37th Annual renewal of the St. Louis Metro Collegiate All-Star game.

"My favorite part was probably getting around the other guys" said Busekrus. "It was just nice playing with guys from different schools and coming together for one night. It was a lot of fun."